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The past couple of weeks I have recieved some questions regarding TSR, Vitamin Sea Sail and sail training in general. Since I want this website to be a platform with information about all of these topics , I decided to do a Q&A 😃 Enjoy!

How much does it cost to participate in the Tall Ships Races?

It really depends on how long you plan to sail, and which ship you want to join. It is a general rule on some of the A class ships that it costs about 100€ (1000 NOK) a day, at sea, while some ships has higher expenses and some have lower. For me (who are under 26) the average cost for about a week of TSR with four days at sea and three days in port is between 500-600 € (5000-6000 NOK)

Is there an age limit to participate in the TSR or any voyages besides the races?

To participate in the Tall Ships Races, the minimum age is 15 years. From 15-25 years it is possible to apply for scholarships, and usually there is a discount for youth under 26. For the scholarships in Vitamin Sea Sail, the age limit is 18-25 years.

On sailing voyages outside the Tall Ships Races, the age limit is down to 13 years, but this depends on the different ships.

Do I need any sailing experience to join?

This is without doubt one of the most frequent questions asked, and the answer is NO. You will get all the necessary training and information on board by experienced crew, so you do not need any experience in advance to join the trip.

What are the destinations for the Tall Ships Races in 2020?

The main host ports for the TSR 2020 is Lisbon (Portugal), Cádiz (Spain), A Coruña (Spain) and Dunkirk (France)

How many scholarships are provided for the Vitamin Sea Sail voyage in 2020?

There are two scholarships that will provided from Vitamin Sea Sail next year.

Can I still join the TSR even though I am older than 25 years?

Yes you can, but since there is a claim for all the ships that at least 50% of the trainees on board have to be between 15-25 years old during the TSR, the prizes are a bit higher for people that are over 25. In addition, the trainees between 15-25 will be given priority.

When do the TSR festival start next year, and for how long does it last?

The TSR 2020 starts in Lisbon 02nd of July and ends in Dunkirk the 9th of August.

Can people that do not speak Norwegian apply for the scholarships in Vitamin Sea Sail?

Sadly one of the conditions for being an candidate to the scholarship in VSS is that you need to speak both Norwegian and English. I hope to be able to make Vitamin Sea Sail more international one day though.

What activities are there in the different ports?

This varies from year to year and from port to port, but there are a couple of activities that are common for all them and that is the crew parade (which is a LOT of fun), the prize-giving ceremony which is held right after the parade, and a crew party which is for trainees only. There are concerts and fireworks in each host port as well.

Are all of the legs in TSR actual races?

Usually the majority of the different legs are regattas, but there is also a cruise-in-company leg every year. During the C-I-C the ships sometimes visit some smaller ports on the way to the next host port, or they might anchor somewhere. My personal opinion is that the races is the most fun, but the C-I-C is really nice to join if you plan to do more than one leg.

Where can I find more information about different sail training voyages?

The best place to look for more information in general is HERE!

Is there many young people participating in the TSR?

Since the target group in the TSR are youth between 15-25, there are definetly a lot of young people that are sailing every year.

Which leg is the Vitamin Sea Sail voyage going to take place in next year?

The first leg, which is a regatta from Lisbon to Cádiz.

Is it mandatory to climb in the rigging?

It is not mandatory to go aloft, but I usually try to encourage people to try it out. If you are up there and change your mind, it is allowed to climb back down again. It is, however, mandatory with rig training if you want to enter the rig alone later on.

If you should have any further questions, feel free to send an email to eline.kristiansen@vitaminseasail.com ✉️

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