Goals for 2020

After a fun and challenging first year of this project, I decided to set a couple of goals for 2020. There is so much fun and exciting times ahead, and the summer can not come soon enough. I look forward to go sailing again, and also to the process of finding two new ambassadors for the Vitamin Sea Sail voyage this summer 😋

Art by: @wylondwor ⛵️

Here are a few general goals for 2020:

– Getting the word about sailing and sail training out to more young people, both nationally and internationally

– Increase the interest of Vitamin Sea Sail, also in the private sector (and the media)

– Keep the blog running every week (together with other social media platforms)

– Provide more material from the sailing voyages

– Sharing the stories of trainees, from different ships and different backgrounds

– Find two new ambassadors for 2020 🎉

Feel free to check out @vitminseasail on Instragram for inspo ❤

I really love working with this project, and cooperating with youth at my own age, is giving me so much energy. Hearing the stories from other young people is very inspiring, and also one of the main reasons for why I wanted to run this project for another year. I am super stoked for 2020, and I hope that you are too🤩

1 year of Vitamin Sea Sail 🎉 Art by: Caedon Kingdon

Fair winds,


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