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In order to enjoy a sailing voyage to the fullest, some good planning is required in advance. Even though the Tall Ships Races take place in the summer, it can still be cold at sea. Being prepared makes it a bit easier to deal with the challenges that come along. One of the most important things to pay attention to is the packing list.

I want to share a packing list that I use every year for my sailing voyages. Of course it will need some alteration, in order to suit your own requirements, but it is a good place to start:

Clothing and shoes

TWO sets of woolen underwear

A fleece or woolen sweater

– Regular socks and underwear: Make sure to bring enough of both

– Night wear

Rain gear: Both waterproof jacket and pants

Small scarf

– Hat/ headband

– A couple of T-shirts and a regular sweater

– A light / regular jacket

– 1-2 comfortable pairs of pants/tights

– Shorts/skirt: Fingers crossed for warm weather

Semi formal wear: This is for the slightly more formal happenings in the harbour, and it is just a suggestion, not a must

A pair or two of regular pants: For example jeans that can worn in the harbour


– A pair of gloves: PS: These cannot be worn in the rigging!

Waterproof shoes/ wellingtons

– A pair of sandals

– Sneakers


– Toiletries: Toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo/conditioner, shower gel, deodorant etc..

– Medicine (if you use any)

Hair brush and hair tie ( if necessary)

– Small washcloth

– Towel

– Sleeping bag: PS: It depends on the ship you’re sailing with if you need a sleeping bag or not

– Sunscreen/ After sun

– Small backpack (to use in the harbour)

– Earplugs

– Money and valid ID/ passport

– Camera and memory card

– Mobile phone

– If you know in advance that you get seasick quite easily, it can be smart to bring along remedies for this

– Something to read and maybe a deck of cards

– Headphones

– A small laundry bag

– Sunglasses and a cord for these

– All the necessary chargers

– Water bottle

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PS: I would also recommend you to pack everything in a bag, as it is easier to stow away on board. The bag I pack in for a 2-3 week trip is about 90L

I hope this blog post can give you some inspiration,and that you get to enjoy your time at sea to the fullest😃

Fair winds,


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