10 ways to deal with sea sickness

The Tall Ships Races usually take place in rough waters like the North Sea, the Baltic Sea or North Atlantic. Even though I am used to being at sea, I still struggle with sea sickness every once in a while. Sea sickness can take its toll, even for experienced sailors. Luckily it is temporary, even though it is uncomfortable to deal with.

Here are ten tips and tricks on how to prevent/ deal with sea sickness:

1. Avoid consuming large amounts of alcohol/ coffee / tea a day prior to sailing. If you have a high intake of caffeine you may temporarily suffer with a headache, which you won’t want if you’re feeling seasick. The same goes for alcohol, which also may cause nausea.

2. Look at the Horizon – When a ship is riding to a heavy sea everything is moving. The only thing that is stationary is the horizon and looking at it will often  reset your internal equilibrium.

3. Make sure to drink enough water– Staying hydrated is important, whether you are on land, or at sea. Sea sickness may cause a bigger water loss, which then can cause dehydration. Keeping the body hydrated gives you a chance to recover faster.

4. Stay occupiedYou can often avoid seasickness by staying busy and keeping your mind occupied by taking over the helm or any other activity that will keep you above decks.

5. Avoid Books and Computer Screens – Reading, whether on a device or paper, is a sure-fire way to get you sea-sick. But if you must be sure to read small portions at a time with frequent breaks to look up towards the horizon.

6. Stay In The Middle – A ship balances at it’s center so that is the place where motion is least pronounced. The bow and stern should be avoided at all cost.

7. Lay Down –  Some say that lying down prevents histamine from reaching the brain, decreasing nausea. Try laying on your back to prevent your stomach from being pushed into the deck by your body weight.

8. Ginger – Whether you chew it, suck on it or dilute it in tea, ginger has long been a favorite home remedy for motion sickness. Give it a try and, if you believe it works it most probably will!

9. Eat – Even though eating may be the last thing you want to do when being sea sick, it might actually help preventing nausea. Eating salt or dry crackers can help your body to hold onto its stomach content.

10. Other (sea sick) people – One sure way to get seasick is to watch other people getting sick. Motion sickness is very contagious. Avoid other seasick people if possible.

I hope you find any of these tips helpful, and get to properly enjoy your time at sea!

By courtesy of Shutterstock

By courtesy of Kazó- Horváth Dora

By courtesy of Kazó- Horváth Dora

Fair winds,

– Eline

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