Swashbuckling Sea Shanties and Songs

Today I wanted to write a little bit about music and what role it plays on board a sailing vessel, in spite of touching this topic a little bit earlier, where I wrote a blog post containing some proper sailing inspiration!

As previously mentioned, a shanty is a type of work song that was (and still is) sung to accompany labour on board sailing vessels. Every year when I go sailing, we sing shanties on board, to lift the spirit and to become more connected to each other.

Music is an universal language in which people from all over the world can unite through. This is so freaking cool, and therefore I also want to share some of the music from my sailing playlist, that makes me longing back to the sea and the white sails. Some of these are just melodies that I listen to when I relax and enjoy the sunsets at sea, while others are actual shanties that we sing on board:


  1. Drunken sailor – Storm Weather Shanty Choir
  2. Leave Her Johnny– Sean Dagher
  3. Paddy Doyle’s Boots– Storm Weather Shanty Choir
  4. Pump Her Dry- Exmouth Shanty Men
  5. Haul Away Joe – The Clancy Brothers
  6. The Rocky Road to Dublin– The Dubliners
  7. My Son John– Smokey Bastard


Adventurous melodies: 

  1. Up is Down– Hans Zimmer
  2. Lighting Lanterns – Harry Gregson Williams
  3. Oogway Ascends – Hans Zimmer
  4. As Far Away As Possible– Paul Haslinger
  5. Prelude – Christophe Beck
  6. Alice’s Theme– Danny Elfman
  7. Why Do We Fall?– Andrew Zack/ Hans Zimmer

I hope you will enjoy this just as much as I do, and that you will be singing along to some of the shanties this summer!

Fair winds,

– Eline

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